A fresh take on card games

We love deck-building. That moment when you discover a new combo piece and a range

of possibilities pops into your head… oooh!!! And when a plan comes together… sweet!!!

Tuggowar scratches that creative Itch (pun intended :p) by giving you a randomized

card shop to build your deck during the game. Variety keeps things interesting. 

Better yet, you won’t be facing opponents who spent time & money copying

tournament winning decks from the internet. This is a skill game.

A love letter to RTS

We like the interactivity of strategy games. In Tuggowar you can anticipate

and react to your opponent much more than in classic card games. Like an RTS,

where you’re constantly scouting and countering the enemy’s game plan. 

We've also cooked up a cool battle mechanic to keep score during your tug-of-war.

It also gives you tactical & strategic options like rushing or turtling into the late game.



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Very cool game, a strong design with nice polish.

Not being able to totally 'choose' what deck you play with game-by-game is a bold choice. It prevents strict meta-decks from emerging and forces you to come up with a different game plan every game. It feels extra nice when you get a game with a killer combo. On the other hand it makes the game feel slightly more weighted towards luck than skill, but whether that's good or bad is a matter of personal taste.

The art and theme I thought was a bit weak at first, but it's grown on me. Kudos for crediting every photographer!

Having to grind games to unlock cards is a bit annoying, but I'm going to play the game that much anyway, so I don't mind being drip-fed content.

Again; a really deep, fun, and polished game.

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Vid with new expansion is up!


Getting close to my goal :)

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Do you think you will release the game on Steam ?

if we can make it even more awesome, sure!

Real nice strategy system. Like "Through The Ages" but without the boring 2 minute waiting time.


Love this game! Trying to reach rank 1 :)


Tuggowar is a good strategy card game :) 


There are some really broken game rules... like when you are or are not allowed to play cards... sometimes you are forced to destroy your own cards and sometimes not... be consistent or else you'll annoy your players... (or at least explain it). "Managing Arsnel" my arsnel.

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- We removed the phase skip guardrails from mission 6 and up (where you can get Manage Arsenal).
- We significantly improved the animation when the Enemy plays cards.
- We added instructions for Production, Manage Arsenal and more to the campaign.

Thanks for your review and feedback!

Thank you so much for the extremely fast turnaround on this... it goes a long way to gainning my trust in your product and faith in your ability to produce a superb product!


I like all in this game, art, concept, gameplay and music. this trully a 10/10 card game.

Haha fun game


Yes yes very fun 10/10


so good!

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Really neat asymmetrical deckbuilder. Don't be put off by the theme, this is a really well-designed strategiy game that manages to carve its own niche.

I like how it embraces its digitality by implementing several mechanics that would not be possible/convenient in a tabletop setting like hidden information, fetching by card type and frequent shuffling.
In my opinion deckbuilders are less fun played irl (shuffling all the time is just not fun) and this digital deckbuilder has lots of QoL, which makes playing quite a seamless experience.

Looking forward to further explore the depth of card interactions (I feel like I barely scratched the surface) and get my ass beat in online PvP <3


Great twist on a Dominion-style deckbuilder that brings in some really innovative ideas while staying true to the genre.

Really hope it takes off since there really isn't enough games of this type, especially digital-first ones that can bring in mechanics that wouldn't work in physical card games.


Hearthstone? Any other pvp DCG.

By "this type" I mean dominion-style deckbuilders. Hearthstone certainly isn't one of those.