Card game with a simple and innovative concept. Each match has a unique set of cards to choose from. Build an epic combo deck or attack, disrupt and counter the enemy. 

The perfect game for you if:

  • you're new to card games or deck-builders.
  • you enjoy games like Slay the Spire and want to show your skills in 1v1.
  • you're a card game veteran and love a level playing-field where creativity shines.


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I like all in this game, art, concept, gameplay and music. this trully a 10/10 card game.

Haha fun game

Yes yes very fun 10/10

One of the most intricate and progressive card games I've ever played! Absolutely love the overall look and feel of the game, as well as the cohesive GUI, and robust theming.

I cannot get enough of the epic gameplay and memories I've experienced whilst playing this game. As well as the long-lasting friendships I have scored while just playing a bunch of heated matches with.

This game has had a long-lasting impact on me as a person, as well as shaping my newfound interests in card games. This is ultimately one of my favorite games of all time, and I'm proud to be a member of its growing community. What are you waiting for??? PLAY IT!!!

so good!

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Really neat asymmetrical deckbuilder. Don't be put off by the theme, this is a really well-designed strategiy game that manages to carve its own niche.

I like how it embraces its digitality by implementing several mechanics that would not be possible/convenient in a tabletop setting like hidden information, fetching by card type and frequent shuffling.
In my opinion deckbuilders are less fun played irl (shuffling all the time is just not fun) and this digital deckbuilder has lots of QoL, which makes playing quite a seamless experience.

Looking forward to further explore the depth of card interactions (I feel like I barely scratched the surface) and get my ass beat in online PvP <3


Great twist on a Dominion-style deckbuilder that brings in some really innovative ideas while staying true to the genre.

Really hope it takes off since there really isn't enough games of this type, especially digital-first ones that can bring in mechanics that wouldn't work in physical card games.